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Chef Inspiration | Watermelon Gazpacho

RebeccaPictures 096Recipe creation can be a fun, gratifying and satiating experience. With all of your senses in high gear, you draw from various food-related memories – be it last week at a gourmet restaurant or a childhood experience like cooking with a grandparent, which is deeply ingrained in your soul. Your kitchen turns into a science lab, as you try out different flavor combinations and translate a memory into reality. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Brunch with Breakfast Bites

4Over the last several years, brunch has been having what some would call a moment. Following in “lunching‘s”’ footsteps, brunching has become a legitimate verb, becoming a regular in our weekend schedules and settling happily into our stomachs. It’s not surprising that the meal surpasses all other meal types. Brunch has got it all – if you’re into eggs, pancakes, french toast, waffles, granola… should I go on? Add in some delicious beverages, like a cappuccino or a freshly squeezed orange juice mimosa and there’s little more that you will need in your life.

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Unusual Sandwich Combinations| Goat Cheese, Pear and Honey

2There are certain foods that we form a relationship with at an early age and as we grow older, the relationship only grows stronger and more complex. Sandwiches are such a food. From a young age we are introduced to sandwiches in Ziploc bags and brown paper sacks. Our earliest memories are filled with eating peanut butter and jelly goodness and grilled cheese made with Kraft singles in elementary school lunchrooms. When we are young sandwiches are familiar, comfort food in the most literal sense. Continue reading

Single Serving Desserts: Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie

1From an early age, we are taught that sharing is caring. While going through life, it turns out that in most situations, this adage holds true. In fact, it’s proven that giving and sharing with others actually makes your happier. This is great news for humanity, but as someone who protects her food like a mother would protect her young, the thought of having to share my plate with others troubles me. Not for any real rational reason. I know there is no threat of food shortage and even if something does run out, I could always get more. I think it has to do with the connection that I make with my plate of food. Many times, dishes are structured in such a way that you must take a bite of each component to understand the chef’s full vision. Continue reading

Delectable Dessert | Fig and Honey Creme Brulee

IMG_1748Up until recently, dining out had become a predictable and slightly boring practice. We usually refuse the offer of a bread basket in the beginning, thanks to diets like Atkins and the popularity of eating gluten-free. Sometimes there are appetizers, usually an entree and depending on who you are and if you love to eat, you will finish it off with a dessert. Sit, order, eat and repeat. That’s how the practice had been for a long time and the culinary world was in need of something new.

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