Benefits of PacknWood Compostable Rippled Cups For Coffee Shops

210GCR4BG, 210GCR8BG, 210GCR12BG and 210GCR16BG

Coffee is an important part of our daily lives, that is why PacknWood created these eco-friendly and disposable Rippled Black & Beige Cups so your customers can enjoy their coffee without hurting or burning their hands from the heat. PacknWood also offers different sizes of cups to suit your coffee shop, restaurant, breakfast cafe, food truck, catering services, and even your office pantry supplies needs. In addition, some coffee needs a specific cup to enjoy its taste. A single or double shot espresso for the 4oz size, cappuccino, or tea for 8oz, moving to 12-16oz for macchiato or latte, and an oversize cup of 20oz for your iced coffee. With those factors in consideration, here are the other reasons why you should choose PacknWood Rippled Black & Beige Cups for your single-use cups.

Biodegradable and Compostable 

PacknWood Rippled Black & Beige Cups are made of paper that is biodegradable and compostable. Like other PacknWood products, they were processed in a C02-neutral manufacturing method. The cup lids for takeaway options are made out of cornstarch and compostable materials too. 

210GCR8N , 210GCR12N  and 210GCR16N 

Double Wall & Ripple Design

The ripples design adds a beautiful visual appearance to the cups, and their texture also contributes to giving customers a better grip on their drinks, which is convenient for people on the go. The double-wall also helps keep beverages hot, from ordering take-out at a breakfast cafe to their office, patrons can enjoy the warmth and goodness of their coffee.

210GCRPLA20N and 210GCR20BG 

Cost-Effective & Versatile

Unlike the old fashioned coffee cups which need additional sleeves to protect the consumers’ hands from burning heat, these cups solved that problem because of the double-wall and ripple design. This will reduce your coffee shop expenses and will lessen SKUs in your inventory. These cups, particularly the small sizes variant, can be used for food and beverage samplings in grocery stores. Your restaurant can also use them to serve desserts like ice cream alongside your usual hot and cold drinks menu. These PacknWood Rippled Black & Beige Cups are really versatile and practical.

Great Addition to Your Catering Supplies

These rippled cups are a great addition to your restaurant’s catering supplies. Whether a breakfast or brunch function or a business meeting conference, they are excellent options, especially now that sanitation plays a vital role in food businesses. Your guests will surely enjoy their cup of coffee without burning their hands. Also, the rippled black cups give a more sleek and stylish design perfect for other formal events. 


Switching to Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups

Using eco-friendly disposable cups not only benefits your company from minimizing your business contribution to waste but also attracts more eco-conscious customers. Switch now to PacknWood for your eco-friendly single use cups supply. Call (201) 604-3840 to order your stock of eco-friendly supplies, or visit our website for chat support assistance.

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