Benefits of Individually Wrapped Wooden Coffee Stirrers with Free Dispenser Box


Plastic Coffee Stirrers are not just harmful to the environment, but they also pose health risks when put in hot water because the plastic may leach chemicals when they are heated. PacknWood Wooden Coffee Stirrers are made from natural and free of chemicals materials that are safe to use for hot beverages like coffee and chocolate. Aside from being organic, here are the other benefits of purchasing PacknWood’s Individually Wrapped Wooden Coffee Stirrers with Free Dispenser Box.

FSC Certified Sustainable Wood

Wood is considered renewable resources when harvested sustainably. That is why we at PacknWood, as an environmentally conscious company, ensure to replace each tree that was cut down for our products to have minimal to no impact on the environment. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which is an international non-profit organization committed to promoting responsible forest management, granted us certification because we manage our trees in a sustainable manner that passed their economic, social, and environmental standards. We use Birchwood for our cutlery and coffee stirrers because it’s one of the fast-growing tree species, and it has a fine grain that is perfect for cutlery. 

Beautiful Dispenser Box


Sometimes, free items are generic and do not possess good quality features. The dispenser box for these wooden coffee stirrers not only serves its function as a receptacle, but it is a beautiful decoration on your cafe counter with its nature-inspired design. Also, some knob rotating stick dispensers only work for plastic ones and cannot be used on flat or wooden sticks.   

Hygienic Coffee Stirrers

Using these Individually Wrapped Wooden Coffee Stirrers in a Dispenser Box means there will be no hands contact from the manufacturing plant to the restaurants or coffee shop. There will be no incidents about an employee forgetting to put gloves when placing the sticks on the dispenser or customers unintentionally touching other stirrers when getting one for their coffee. These coffee stirrers are hygienic, and cross-contamination is unlikely to happen. If you like individually wrapped utensils, check out PacknWood’s wooden spoon and fork encased in paper wrapper too.

Eco-friendly Food Service Product

These wooden coffee stirrers are a great addition to food service products of various business types such as restaurants, coffee shops, breakfast cafes, and food trucks selling coffee. They are also ideal for caterers who serve coffee for breakfast and brunch gatherings. In addition, they are essentials to office coffee stations. Made from biodegradable and compostable materials, these coffee stirrers are an excellent alternative to plastic. 

PacknWood’s dedication to providing green products together with the collaborative efforts of food businesses supporting eco-friendly supplies will generate huge positive results for the environment.   

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