Bamboo Leaf Tasting Spoon

tasting-spoon-1If you have catering events or gatherings to host or organize, you’ve come to the right place. You are about to learn about a great product that will turn your receptions into upscale and original events.

Meet our great Bamboo Leaf Tasting Spoon! Made from multiple layers of Bamboo leaf, the tasting spoon is ideal for cocktails, picnics or barbecues. Whether it is used as a food sampling display or a tasting spoon, you can be sure it will look amazing and impress everyone.

sugarcaneBamboo isn’t a tree, as most people assume, but is actually a form of grass that produces woody stalks that has very high fiber content. Stronger than oak, Bamboo is the also fastest growing plant on the planet, growing as large as 24 inches every day. Bamboo only needs very little water to grow and absolutely zero chemicals. It is 100% biodegradable and has become one of our most popular materials!

Not only Bamboo products are entirely compostable and biodegradable but they also look awesome and very unique.

tasting-spoon-2Take another look at our Bamboo Leaf Tasting Spoon. Your guests will have never seen such an appetizer dish and will be thrilled to learn about the fact that it is as Eco-friendly as it is elegant.

Bamboo tableware make perfect sustainable party supplies for upscale receptions or catering events. They add a touch of originality to your receptions and you can be sure that your guest will appreciate the elegance of such fancy products!

Check out our Bamboo Leaf Tasting Spoon on and take a look at all of our other products!

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