Baking with Cardboard Baking Molds

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Cardboard baking molds resolve two of the biggest problems that restaurants face when adding baked goods to their menus. Every item must be baked individually and creating presentable packaging is an important part of making the best baked goods possible. Fortunately, microflute baking molds made out of eco-friendly cardboard make baking and serving individual baked goods much easier for restaurants. Here is a look at how you can use PacknWood’s Rectangular Microflute Baking Molds in your restaurant. 

What is Eco-Friendly Cardboard?

Eco-friendly cardboard is designed to minimize its impact on the environment. It is made using a process that is carbon-neutral, meaning that it neutralizes as much carbon as the process creates. Cardboard is also compostable and biodegradable. When you dispose of it, the landfill company can, instead, compost it to create fertilizer for food production. Cardboard is naturally biodegradable and will breakdown safely in the right conditions. In many cases, it can also be recycled if handled properly after disposal. Whichever way it is handled after disposal, it won’t hurt the environment. 

The Benefits of Cardboard Baking Molds

Restaurants looking to add baked goods to their services will have to make a choice between basic products, like cookies, or larger and more complex items, like bread. Cookies can be made on a single sheet pan while bread and other large items cannot. Cardboard baking molds make it easier for restaurants to bake single-serve items that need separate baking containers. Every mold is a single-use item and more affordable than baking pans. You can bake in these cardboard baking molds and use them to serve your finished products. 

These baking molds eliminate the need for separate packaging to serve baked goods. These molds are lightweight and sturdy. Plus, they have a natural wood finish that creates an attractive container for your baked items. Once they cool down, just move them to your serving station and they are ready to go. 

Multiple Sizes to Fit Your Baking Needs

To ensure that you are using baking molds efficiently, it is important to choose the right size mold. A mold that is too big will make your baked foods stretch out and be thin, while a mold that is too small won’t hold all of your baked goods. Plus, consistently choosing containers that are too big will ensure that you are shrinking your profit margins. Adjust the size of the mold that you use to get the best fit. 

PacknWood’sRectangular Microflute Baking Molds come in four sizes. They come in 3.1”x1.6”x1.6” (small), 5.5”x2.6”x2” (medium), 7.1”x2.6”x2.2” (large), and 7.1”x3.15”x2.2” (large with taller sides). You can bake individually-sized loaves in these with several size options to fit your needs. If you are batch baking them and need an efficient way to move them securely, you can use the 14.2” x 22” slotted tray. It is slotted to fit 20 of the baking molds, making it easier to bake large batches at the same time. 

Serve Baked Goods with Ease

Add baked goods to your orders by baking with PacknWood’s Rectangular Microflute Baking Molds. You’ll have an easier way to make your customers happy while reducing waste and helping the environment. Switching to eco-friendly restaurant supplies is easy. Call PacknWood at (201) 604-3840 for assistance placing an order. 

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