Baking Disposable Boxes and Molds

Whether it is for individuals or chefs & caterers, baking supplies choices are important as well as display solutions. What your clients see is the image they will keep of you and you definitely want to make sure it is a good one and matches your products and services.

Our Eco-friendly baking supplies, wooden baking molds and baking paper are sophisticated baking & catering supplies, and you will never want to bake without it after trying.

209MC238-blogWooden Baking Molds! Quaint & rustic and featuring heart shapes in each corner, they are an incredible disposable baking solution, presenting anything from fresh bread and muffins to tarts and pies in an oven-ready, yet servable platform. Directly from the oven to your table, they can be baked in up to 440°F/220°C.

210BBOITE92F-blogYou can also find light wood and heat-resistant baking boxes which darken upon removal from the oven to display baked goods in a tasteful, yet practical manner. With their elegant design and their see through window lid, they also are great for gifts and amenities.

(Check out our Wooden Box with Window Lid YouTube 360 Video here!)


Still in the Baking supplies category, our silicone baking cups are perfect for muffins and brioches and so much more! Economical & functional they are grease resistant, can be used as a liner and baked up to 440°F / 220°C. Silicone molds make the best cupcake liners and will give your clients the best image of your delicious products!



Let’s now move on to a couple of display solutions and get started with Macaroon solutions. This line, with its variety of shapes, designs and materials, allows these delicious French treats to shine, adding an enticing touch to any bakery. Whether using our specially crafted inserts or the more elaborate gift boxes, your customers will take notice. We have the largest selection of macaroon packaging and their unique functional designs with fresh and bright colors is delightful!

You should also take a look at our Kray Boxes collection that display delicious products for all the world to see. Perfect for almost any item, from sandwiches to cakes, these grease proof and microwavable Kraft boxes elegantly frame their contents, allowing the delicious food to entice customers with an unobstructed view.

(Check out our  Kraft Slice Box with Window Youtube 360 Video here!)

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