Excellent Halloween Table Arrangement Ideas

Holidays are amongst the most anticipated days for restaurants and other food establishments because it means making more sales. With that in mind, you should attract more customers by designing a killer arrangement for Halloween not just for kids but also for those kids at heart.  PacknWood eco-friendly products are versatile that can be used […]

Food Service Supplier’s Catalog Adds Bamboo Light Cutlery and Stirrers

PacknWood is now offering a new set of bamboo cutlery and stirrer collection to its comprehensive lineup of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. The new items include: 210CVBJN1 Bamboo light fork – 6.69in 210CVBJN2 Bamboo light knife – 6.69in 210CVBJN3 Bamboo light spoon – 6.69in 210BBSPAT11 Bamboo light stirrer – L: 4.33in W: 0.19in H: 0.04in 210BBSPAT14 […]