Adding Eco-Friendly Overlap Labels to Improve Grab-and-Go Meals Packaging

Food Packaging is a vital process for restaurant takeout and delivery services. This is an opportunity to earn more profits; especially now as there is continuous growth in online food delivery. Adding eco-friendly overlap labels to your supplies will improve the Grab & Go meals packaging that will deliver valuable results in the end.  

Food Safety Concerns

One of the primary concerns of customers during delivery is food safety. Using overlap labels will help you solve this problem because they will secure the food from being tampered with. Customers will appreciate restaurants that take the extra measures to keep their food untouched, bringing a good delivery experience. This is the best way to keep encouraging them to repeat orders.

Size and Color Variants 

We created different size variants for Overlap Labels to match our Grab and Go containers collection. There are two sizes, 11.75 inches and 15.75 inches, to fit most of the sugarcane bowls, wooden trays, and cardboard boxes we carry. The two color options: black and white, also suit all takeout and delivery containers; they are like accessories that give a more stylish look on the boxes.  

Enhanced Branding & Marketing 

Since the online ordering of food is the trend now, you should improve your grab and go meals packaging. Starting with the best container and then to the right accessories like Overlap Labels. They will automatically upgrade the packaging of food takeout and delivery containers when you incorporate your brand logo or design. PacknWood offers customized printing, where the ink used is also from natural resources and will not harm the environment.  

You can also opt to put contact numbers or social media accounts, especially if you have a minimalist business logo. Every order then will be a marketing opportunity for stronger brand recognition. This will also encourage customers to directly order from your restaurant instead of third party apps.

Labeling Packed Meals

Overlap Labels are ideal for caterers selling packed lunches for corporate meetings or food packs for small parties. You can customize the label to classify the prepared meals: salad, entree, and desserts or depending on the food you offer, while maintaining a professional and organized look, particularly for business offices. 

You can also put personalized messages like “Thank You” or “Baked with Love” for bakeries takeout boxes, or put “100% Fresh” to let customers know that you just prepared their orders from your restaurant, and the meals are fresh. Food labeling will also help catering employees sort orders quickly because they do not need to open and check the containers. They can also easily distribute meals to the guests. 

Growing Eco-Friendly Values 

PacknWood is committed to helping the environment by providing eco-friendly products and promoting awareness about sustainability. This value extends to restaurants and other food businesses when they prioritize purchasing green food service supplies such as Overlap Labels that are made from biodegradable materials. With this combined effort, there will be a significant impact on the environment.  

For more information about Overlap Labels, visit or call (201) 604-3840 for order assistance.

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