Add some Eco-friendly fun to your event!

Because organizing an event (whether it is big or small) is something most of us have done at some point, we know that it takes time and can be very stressful. With so many choices to make about food and beverage choices, activities to keep your guests entertained, and much more.  Usually everything depends on your guests and the theme of your party. No matter what kind of event or party you’re organizing adding some food decorations and buffet presentation is always a good idea!

skewers-bioanchic-blogpost-no-watermarkDisposable catering supplies are perfect for Graduation parties, Hawaiian luau’s, weddings, and any upscale event. Disposable Bamboo Skewers! Think about it! Party skewers are the perfect presentation accessory and, what’s more, they are not only biodegradable but also compostable! Because Bamboo is a grass that is stronger than oak, Bamboo skewers are much better than wooden skewers! They can be used as barbecue skewers, fruit skewers, grilling skewers… The possibilities are endless and your imagination is the only limit!

The wide range of skewers, the widest on the market, can be a real source of inspiration for presenting your culinary creations and will help you to host a fun, original and eco-friendly catering event. Look at the colorful design and the variety of shapes. It can suit all tastes! Seahorse skewers, flower skewers, umbrella skewers… You can choose natural Bamboo skewers or go for the U-shaped skewers.

210SAMBRO14-packnwoodNo matter what you are serving they all have a creative design, adding a decorative accent to any event indoor and/or outdoor. Party skewers are a unique touch AND eco-friendly!


And don’t forget the most important: the re-useable and very elegant Skewer Holder Tray that turns your catering event into a fancy and unique moment of conviviality!


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