5 Reasons Bamboo Is Great For Disposable Tableware

Ever since Bamboo has been used for fabrication it has been a very popular material. Sustainable and versatile, there are many reasons why Bamboo is so interesting when it comes to disposable tableware but also furniture, flooring and even clothing! Check out these 5 reasons why Bamboo is so Eco-friendly and great to make disposables.

Bamboo-logo          1) It’s an Eco-friendly material

Bamboo needs very little water and absolutely zero chemicals to grow and it is 100% biodegradable which makes it a very sustainable material. Bamboo is not only Eco-friendly but also great for the environment as it creates oxygen faster than trees and helps balance oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air.

          2) It’s a very strong yet flexible material

Even though most people think that Bamboo is a tree, it is actually a form of grass that produces woody stalks with very high fiber content which makes it extremely strong and hard wearing. It is for instance stronger than oak and bend easily without breaking! Bamboo is therefore easier to manufacture than hardwoods and is widely used for construction. Even ancient civilizations knew about it and were already using Bamboo to build edifices.

          3) It’s the fastest growing plant on the planet

With its in-depth root system that helps to absorb nutriments and water Bamboo can grow as large as 24 inches every day with no need for a lot of water, depending on the soil quality and climate. Bamboo can also grow in a lot of different environment!

          4) It’s a versatile material

Bamboo can easily be stained to look like different types of hardwood which makes it very popular because it can appeal to a wide range of aesthetic tastes. It is a cheaper alternative to hardwoods and you will more than likely not be able to tell the difference most of the time!

210CVBAK3-no-watermark          5) It makes beautiful products

Bamboo disposable products look so awesome and beautifully unique that it’s almost a shame to throw them away! They definitely add a special touch of originality to your events and your guests will love the elegance of such fancy products. Bamboo tableware makes perfect sustainable supplies for upscale catering event. No matter what you are looking for, it can be made of Bamboo!

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