4 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant’s Green Packaging Efforts

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Consumers have a growing interest in reducing their impact on the environment. They want to support companies that make it easier to reduce their environmental footprint. This includes the kinds of food takeout containers they use. As a company, your team can have a much larger impact on the environment by finding ways of eliminating packaging waste, from what you give customers use to take leftovers home to the recyclable food containers you send with food delivery services. For many companies, this can also be a big benefit in drawing in new customers.

People who are waste-conscious often try to support companies that do the same, so promoting your company’s green packaging efforts can help your business. There are specific ways that you can do it without spending a lot of money on advertising. If your company plans to use earth-friendly takeout packaging, here are four ways to promote your restaurant’s green packaging efforts.

Make the Switch Across the Board

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When customers see the eco-friendly takeout packaging, they see your company’s commitment to sustainability. This can attract customers who prefer to eat at eco-friendly restaurants. When other customers see someone pick up a takeout order that uses green packaging or make a to-go salad from your salad bar using a paper salad container that is compostable, customers notice. Sometimes just switching the restaurant’s packaging over completely to more earth-friendly products is enough to spur conversation.

Opt for Labeled Packaging

Customized Labels

One way to promote your green packaging efforts is to opt for labeled packaging that notes whether the takeout container is compostable or recyclable. Some customers may not be aware that a takeout package is made from post-consumer recycled materials unless there’s something to indicate it. If you order takeout packaging and there’s a choice, consider buying the option that is labeled as a greener option. Plus, PacknWood sells a self-adhering paper wrapper that can be stamped with anything you want your customers to know, from your restaurant’s logo to whatever you want to communicate to your customers.

Put a Disclaimer on Your Website and Menu

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After you make the switch to eco-friendly takeout packaging on your restaurant, you can include this information as a note on your restaurant menu or website. If you don’t want to include it as a permanent part of your menu, you can always include a paper insert with the menu as you seat guests. Customers trying to reduce their waste or go zero waste will appreciate the information.

Distribute Media Alerts

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Once you make the switch, be sure to write and distribute a press release about how your restaurant now uses paper takeout containers instead of Styrofoam. You can send it to local media outlets, use PRWeb.com to list the press release, and post a link to the press release on your restaurant’s social media channels. You can even send out the press release to your email subscribers. Any positive reason worth creating an email about is another opportunity to remind potential customers about your restaurant.

PacknWood carries a wide selection of green food packaging options that make it easy to go green. Many of our takeout containers are compostable or recyclable. To learn more about our line of green food packaging, email us at contact@packnwood.com to request a catalog.

Supplies Restaurants Need to Sustainably Grow Business through GrubHub

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Food delivery services are helping restaurants grow quickly when they invest in their takeout services. With the right packaging, you can provide high-quality delivery services through options like GrubHub. If you are looking for a way to expand your takeout sales, here are the supplies that you need to sustainably grow your business through GrubHub.

Takeout Menu

Takeout Container

The first step to establishing a good service through GrubHub is to develop your takeout menu. It is tempting to make every item on your menu available on the takeout menu. However, there are some food items that do not work out well through delivery. That is because they are too impractical or do not keep well during the delivery process. Once you determine what will be on your takeout menu, you can choose which containers and materials you need to have your food delivered.

Grab and Go Packaging

Bento Box Set

The next step is to find the right grab and go packaging for your food options. Grab and go packaging comes in many shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find something to accommodate your menu. Presentation and organization are two important things to think about. You can choose packaging that combines several containers into one compartmented container, or you can look for something like a VIP lunch package that combines the containers into one attractive package.

Soup Containers

Soup and Salad Containers

One aspect of takeout that is often overlooked is the quality of soup containers. For your soup containers to be effective, they must also be the right size. Most restaurants pick soup containers that have half of an inch to one full inch of extra space. This ensures that the pressure from the soup moving in the containers won’t knock the lid off during the trip. Plus, it helps people avoid spills when closing or opening the container.

Appetizer Containers

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Customers want to order whole meals including appetizers. Fortunately, there are a lot of options that you can use for appetizers. Small windowed containers are a good option. Plus, you can find containers that are bakeable so they are easy to reheat to give your appetizers the finished look and taste that you want. Small meal boxes are work well, especially if they are themed for your menu.

Entre Containers

Windowed Dessert Box

Your entre containers make a big first impression, especially if they are windowed containers. However, there are containers for different styles of entres. For example, you can find containers for sandwiches that give them more support and keep them tightly packaged so that they don’t fall apart. There are also wrap containers that offer similar support in a different shape.

Dessert Containers

Dessert Containers

If you offer dessert options, then you need the right container. Dessert cups of different sizes can make it easy to vary your options. With matching lids, you can make sure that everything gets there in one piece. Newsprint options are popular among restaurants, and you can continue the trend through your dessert options.

PacknWood carries all of the takeout containers that you need to be successful on GrubHub. These containers come in a variety of forms, finishes, and materials so that you can find the right container for your needs. To learn more about our line of green food packaging, email us at contact@packnwood.com to request a catalog.