The Advantages of Wooden Cutlery Wrapped in Paper Wrapper

210CVB1W | 210CVB3W | 210CVB2W

Cross-Contamination occurs when harmful microorganisms transfer from one object to another. One way it can happen in the food business is through bacteria’s contact to cutleries and then to the food. To prevent this scenario, PacknWood created a single-use Wooden Cutlery Wrapped in Paper Wrapper. There will be less to no contact from hands from the manufacturing plant to the food establishments and up to the customers’ delivery of food.

The Cutlery consists of an individually wrapped spoon, fork, and knife in a biodegradable paper.  Aside from these cutleries’ sanitary purposes, they have multiple advantages when you include them in your restaurant food service supplies.  

Made of FSC Birch Wood

These Wooden Cutleries (Spoon, Fork, Knife) are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified birch wood. Birch is one of the fast-growing species of sustainable trees and has a little environmental impact when cut down. Obtaining certification from FSC is proof that wood harvested from our curated forests is managed according to environmental and social responsibilities.

Organized Catering Services

210CVB1W | 210CVB3W 

The smooth finish of wood makes these cutleries look elegant. That is why they are perfect for both casual and formal catered events. These cutlery sets make catering services organized because there is no need to wrap each spoon or fork in a napkin. They are already wrapped individually in a biodegradable paper making it easier to distribute. 

Create a complete eco-friendly catering package when you pair these cutleries with eco-friendly plates on weddings and other special occasions or lunch boxes and trays for catered lunch meals on corporate meetings. Guests or executives will appreciate your business using hygienic and eco-friendly cutleries instead of plastic and presenting a professional yet stylish look that matches their ambiance.

Completes a Tamper-Proof Food Delivery Packaging

210CVB1W | 210CVB3W 

Including Wooden Cutlery Wrapped in Paper Wrapper in restaurant supplies will expedite the takeout and delivery process, just like how it helps catering services not wrapping each cutlery in a napkin. Even if you put these cutleries in one storage bin, you can quickly grab the correct one when there is an order because of the printed name on the paper wrapper. This is very convenient for food trucks with small spaces.  

Another advantage of this cutlery is completing a tamper-proof food delivery packaging. Starting with an eco-friendly Grab and Go container with a tamper-proof seal to these cutleries that are also tamper-resistant. Customers will be assured that their food is untouched.

Promoting Environmental Awareness 

Restaurants cannot avoid using disposable spoons, forks, and knives, especially for their food take-out and delivery. Instead of traditional plastic, they should consider using eco-friendly cutleries like Wooden Cutlery Wrapped in Paper Wrapper to reduce plastic waste in the landfills.  Customers that are eco-conscious and even those who are not will be reminded that you are using green products that are not harmful to the environment because of the “ECO-FRIENDLY” label on the paper wrapper. This is a simple way to get your restaurant involved in promoting environmental awareness.  

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Adding Wooden Cutlery Wrapped in Paper Wrapper to PacknWood Food Service Supplier’s Catalog

PacknWood updated their Utensils Collection with the new line of Wooden Cutlery Wrapped in Paper Wrapper.

The new SKUs include:

  • 210CVB1W Wooden Cutlery Fork Wrapped In Paper Wrapper – 6.2in
  • 210CVB3W Wooden Cutlery Spoon Wrapped In Paper Wrapper – 6.2in
  • 210CVB2W Wooden Cutlery Knife Wrapped In Paper Wrapper – 6.2in 

Each Wooden Cutlery Wrapped in Paper Wrapper consists of an individually wrapped spoon, fork, and knife in a biodegradable paper. Each cutlery is made from birch wood that was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). These are 100% natural and are very safe to use for both cold and hot foods. 

These cutleries are perfect to use for any catered events and are convenient for restaurant takeout and delivery as well as on food trucks dine-in.

PacknWood aims to meet expectations when it comes to eco-friendly food service supplies. The cutleries are already proof because they are not just eco-friendly, but they also promote sustainability. The fact that they are manufactured from renewable resources and the addition of biodegradable paper wrapper that gives extra safety measures to prevent equipment-to-food cross-contamination is a great way to showcase the dedication of PacknWood to help the environment and improve the food businesses sanitary practice.

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