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Doggie Bags: A Sign of Awareness Not Embarrassment

When is the last time you asked to take leftovers home from a restaurant? Today, more and more chefs and restaurateurs do not want to see good food go to waste, and encourage the idea of diners taking food home that they haven’t finished. But it wasn’t always this way, and to this day, many diners are still not comfortable with the practice.

doggiebagontable3According to the Smithsonian Institute’s blog Food & Think, the custom of using “doggie bags” started in the U.S. in the 1940’s during the Second World War, when pet owners were encouraged to feed table scraps rather than pet food to their dogs. And in 1943, San Francisco cafes started an initiative against animal cruelty by offering patrons “Pet Pakits” — cartons designed specifically to carry home leftovers for their pets. Around that same time, one Seattle restaurant provided diners with waxed paper bags labeled “Bones for Bowser.” Restaurants around the country started to follow suit, and by the mid 1950’s, doggie bags went into production. Before long, people were requesting doggie bags to take home food for themselves rather than their pets.

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Takeout Lunch Boxes – What To Choose

When it comes to lunch boxes, you always have plenty of options and it is not always easy to pick yours. Here is something to help you out a little. First of all, ditch the plastic or foam clamshells. Not only foam containers are about to be banned anyway (read more about this here), but plastic containers are not Eco-friendly and are terrible for the environment. When you choose your takeout solutions – the ones you want to offer your customers – make sure you go for Eco-friendly ones.

Are you looking for an easy way to pack your food to go, something that could help you transport different meals all together and keep your food safe? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at those pretty, yet functional, takeout round containers. Microwavable, grease resistant and even stackable, they are perfect to transport any type of food home or even to work. Soup, salad, past… Just name it!
The best part is that as they are stackable, you can prepare lunch combinations, put them in one of these amazing takeout lunch boxes and carry them all together. Big enough to fit a box for your appetizer, a box for your entree and even a box for your dessert, this takeout lunch box is the perfect to-go solution and guess what, it is Eco-friendly! 100% recyclable, containers and lunch boxes make a great couple and you just can’t be disappointed in them.

kray-blogIf you are looking for square takeout boxes instead of the round buckets, the takeout lunch box can also fit those beautiful Kray boxes. Brown or white and available in many different sizes, they make it really easy to offer very personalized solutions to all of your customers!

Think out of the box and start preparing delicious combination to be taken-out, you will make your customers very happy.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Christmas may be over – as well as the Holiday season – but as you may be aware, Valentine’s Day is once again just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you are going to do for your loved ones and your special someone.

Of course, there is the classic dozen roses’ bouquet and box of chocolates but wouldn’t it be great if the present was a tiny bit more original this year? It is always good to show your partner that your love isn’t generic and think a little outside of the box.

Of course, chocolate treats are always appreciated but why not get something that is a bit more sophisticated than regular chocolates? Yes, I am talking about French macarons! It will still be something your lover can eat and enjoy but is also a great to show that she/he isn’t generic.

Macarons are delicious French mini cookies sandwiches that are filled with ganache or buttercream. Very delicate, they are becoming more and more popular every day in America and all over the world.

Now especially on Valentine’s Day, presentation is everything and the box you will present your macarons in is just as important as the taste of the treats!

Luckily, your macaron packaging options are very diverse and you are sure to find the perfect beautiful and Eco-friendly gift box in no time!


From 3 macarons up to 52 macarons (for the gourmands), you can choose from square wooden boxes with red shiny interior and long pink paper boxes (very Valentine’s Day appropriate) to cylindrical wooden boxes with latch and wooden rectangular boxes with window lid. All of them look beautiful and used with the appropriate insert will protect your delicious treats!

And if you are trying to impress your partner, you can also try to bake your macarons yourself! What more romantic than red heart-shaped macarons for Valentine’s Day? If you like that idea, you can check out this blog article that gives you a great tutorial on how to make them from scratch: click here! 

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Take Out Options: Take Advantage Of The Cold Weather

As you have noticed, the cold weather is back again and bad weather means one thing: nobody wants to go out and leave their place when they don’t have to, especially to eat! People are more likely to order-in or takeout on their way back from work instead of eating out.

What does it mean for food businesses and catering businesses? It is the perfect time to offer takeout solutions to your customers. Yes, what could make them happier than being able to take home their favorite food form their favorite place and being able to enjoy it at home in company of their loved ones in a warm kitchen?

Offering takeout options means that you will have to choose packaging options and when it comes to disposable packaging, there is two things you absolutely have to think about.

First of all, Americans generate tons of food packaging waste every day. This is why it is extremely important to have an Eco-friendly approach when it comes to disposables. Go for Eco-friendly biodegradable or compostable packaging, or choose at least recyclable ones. Make sure your customers are aware of how to dispose them once they are done with their food.

Second of all, good choice of packaging can strengthen a brand and make the difference between you and your competitors. A food business success is not only about food, it is also about how food is presented and displayed. Packaging of your choice have to be not only functional but also design and attractive. Keep that in mind!

If you are looking for pretty packaging for pasta, noodles, rice or any kind of food that you might use in the microwave, take a look at this cute mini noodle box with handle! Are you more a salad type of business? No worries! This Kraft Paper Salad box with window is the perfect to go option and give food great visibility thanks to its two windows.

And no matter what kind of food you serve, you always need dessert packaging! How about this biodegradable slice box with window? Perfect for pies, cakes and any type of desserts, they will be the perfect ending for a great take out meal!

Take advantage of this cold weather to make your customers happy!

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Eco-Friendly Cookie Packaging Solutions

It isn’t a surprise to anybody, everyone loves cookies! Regardless of the season, cookies are everywhere and make life so much better. Even though chocolate chip cookies are the most popular ones, you can find cookies in many flavors and many shapes and you can be sure that no matter what you like you can find the perfect cookie for you!

What is so great and popular about cookies?

Not only they can satisfy your sweet tooth whenever you need it but they are also the perfect gift for any occasion!


Are you going to a baby shower? Why not bring a cute little box filled with delicious cookies and a pretty window lid that allows great food visibility? This Kray box would be the perfect packaging solution! Are you looking for wedding or birthday gifts? Bringing cookies always makes the party better! And the best part is that offering cookies to your loved ones is always a great way to share some love, just because they are worth it.

Especially after the Holidays season, it is always nice to receive cookies from a close friend, a family member or even a nice co-worker.

Whether you are baking your own cookies – always exciting around the Holiday season – or buying them at your favorite bakery, you have to be aware that packaging is extremely important. Why? Because beautiful packaging makes everything so much more exciting!

If you are looking for a box that you can easily open and close, you will love these wonderful Kray boxes we talked about earlier. With their clear window lid that allows great food visibility, you can get them in many sizes depending on how big your cookies are or how many you want to fit in them.


If you are looking for a more original and rustic solution, take a look at these adorable wooden baking molds made from natural wood and cotton. They also make great Eco-friendly cookie packaging!

When it comes to cookie packaging, options are infinite… Take a look at www.packnwood.com to see all of our different Eco-friendly packaging solutions!