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Takeout Lunch Boxes – What To Choose

When it comes to lunch boxes, you always have plenty of options and it is not always easy to pick yours. Here is something to help you out a little. First of all, ditch the plastic or foam clamshells. Not only foam containers are about to be banned anyway (read more about this here), but plastic containers are not Eco-friendly and are terrible for the environment. When you choose your takeout solutions – the ones you want to offer your customers – make sure you go for Eco-friendly ones.

Are you looking for an easy way to pack your food to go, something that could help you transport different meals all together and keep your food safe? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at those pretty, yet functional, takeout round containers. Microwavable, grease resistant and even stackable, they are perfect to transport any type of food home or even to work. Soup, salad, past… Just name it!
The best part is that as they are stackable, you can prepare lunch combinations, put them in one of these amazing takeout lunch boxes and carry them all together. Big enough to fit a box for your appetizer, a box for your entree and even a box for your dessert, this takeout lunch box is the perfect to-go solution and guess what, it is Eco-friendly! 100% recyclable, containers and lunch boxes make a great couple and you just can’t be disappointed in them.

kray-blogIf you are looking for square takeout boxes instead of the round buckets, the takeout lunch box can also fit those beautiful Kray boxes. Brown or white and available in many different sizes, they make it really easy to offer very personalized solutions to all of your customers!

Think out of the box and start preparing delicious combination to be taken-out, you will make your customers very happy.

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Winter Mornings: Time For Cupcakes And Muffins

We can’t escape it anymore. Winter is almost here and it is getting colder every day! No matter how chilly it gets, everybody still have to get up and go to work, take the kids to school, or do whatever tasks they do all year long. What can start their day – and their loved ones’ – better than some delicious cupcake or some tasty muffins? Even though they are not excited to get out of their comfy and warm bed, knowing that some tasty pastries are waiting for them on the way is definitely a great motivation!

Now if you have a bakery, a pastry shop or just sell pastries on the side, you want to make those customers happy by offering them what they are looking for on those cold mornings. And in order to convince them that your cupcakes or muffins are the perfect answer to their morning quest, you have to bet on your packaging!

cupcake-boxesWhether they are looking to get a single pastry, a two-piece box or cupcakes for the whole family, you have to be prepared! Look at these pretty little cupcake boxes. Able to fit one to four muffins or cupcakes, they are sure to make your delicious creation look as good as they taste and to convince whoever set an eye on them that they are exactly what they were looking for!

With stylish and bright colors on the inside, they still look classy and elegant on the outside with their clear shinny stripes. Perfect to go option, they are great to take home for breakfast or to work and as the inserts are included you don’t have to worry about transportation: your pastries will still look great after their journey!

These beautiful cupcakes boxes are also made of paper and are 100% recyclable. Functional, beautiful and Eco-friendly, what else could you ask for?


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Takeout Solution: Kray Paper Boxes

Especially in big cities or fast-paced environment, people might feel that they live at their office sometimes! With no time to go out for lunch, takeout has taken an important place in people’s daily routine, which means businesses have to pay extra attention to their takeout option and packaging solutions.

As you all know, image is really important and the boxes used for takeout definitely change, improve or damage businesses’ brand image. Not only they have to look good, allow customers to catch a glimpse of their food and be easy to transport, but they also have to meet customers’ expectations and with the growing environmental awareness the trend is to be Eco-friendly.

So now you are looking for trendy, functional and Eco friendly to-go packaging and here is exactly what you need!

KRAY.jpgKray Boxes display delicious products for all the world to see. Perfect for almost any item, from sandwiches to cakes, these Kraft boxes elegantly frame their contents, allowing the delicious food to entice customers with an unobstructed view. You can’t be more functional or trendy! And when it comes to the Eco-friendly aspect, the Kray boxes are made of paper and are 100% natural & recyclable. They also are an affordable Green alternative to plastic. What else could you ask for!

From pies to salads through wraps and pizza slices, the different shapes and sizes available make them perfect for any food item. Takeout food has never looked so good!


Now you just have to check out all the options and figure out which size would fit your needs best… and that’s the easy part!

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