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NYC Bans Foam Takeout Containers

On June 27th, we talked in our article New York Foam Ban Coming Soon about how NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been taking initiatives to try and make New York City more environmentally friendly by following California action and ban Styrofoam and foam food takeout containers.

Polystyrene foam – referred to as Styrofoam – is a cheap, light and strong material mostly used for takeout food containers. It is however extremely bad for the environment as it not recyclable, mostly ends up in landfills and lives for over 500 years. This is why about a hundred cities – including San Francisco, Seattle and Portland – have already banned foam food containers. In its last legislative session the New York Council also unanimously voted the ban of Styrofoam containers, making NYC the largest city in America to implement such a ban.

This ban is however a compromise for now and will only take effect next year. Why? Opponents of the ban, mostly container manufacturers, say that such a ban will hurt small business who rely on foam for its low cost and won’t be able to afford more Eco-friendly solutions. Dart Container Corporation, one of the largest makers of foam products, spent almost $1 million with the American Chemistry Council to try to block legislation and stop the ban. They managed to get a deadline – January 1rst, 2015 – to prove to the sanitation commissioner that foam can be collected and recycled in an economical way – something that has not been successfully done by any municipality so far. If they can’t prove it by this deadline, the law will take effect in July 2015.

More and more cities are taking the Eco-friendly direction when it comes to food containers and your city might be the next one to implement the ban. Chicago for instance is already also proposing a ban on the containers.


If your business uses foam products it is time to go ahead of the ban and move on to more Eco-friendly products. If you are nervous that your cost are going to increase dramatically, don’t worry. There are plenty of affordable Eco-friendly options that you can take a look at. Not only your customers will love your new Green image, but your image will also get better, allowing you to slightly increase your prices and cover the pricing difference.

One of the most economical Eco-friendly option you can go for is of course sugarcane.

Light, resistant and cheap, sugarcane product also have a very upscale image and are 100% compostable.

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Eco-Friendly Christmas: Host A Green Dinner Party

I don’t know if it is something you are aware of but every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas Americans throw away a million additional tons of garbage. A million! It is huge and unbelievable and yet true.



Christmas is coming and now that you know that you might want to try to be responsible and as green as possible. Luckily, there are easy ways to go green at Christmas while saving time and money – most of the time.

First of all, most of you get a Christmas tree and who can blame you, it definitely bring the Christmas spirit in your home! Be smart about the kind of tree you get. Most reusable fake trees are not recyclable and very bad for the environment so use a real tree and pay attention to where it is coming from and how it has been grown. When it comes to your house and tree decorations, use natural products as much as possible! You can use flowers, or even make tree decorations with dry fruits.


What about the lights? Choose to use LED lights whenever possible. Not only are they more efficient but they also don’t need as much power which will be great for your power bill by the end of the month! Also don’t forget to turn your tree lights off when the room is empty – what’s the point?

Now what about your Christmas party? You are more than likely going to have some people over or host a Christmas gathering and being green is a very important thing.

First of all, try not to send paper invites. At this time where social media is so popular, is a lot cheaper and eco-friendly to send e-invites via emails, Facebook or even cellphones. If you really have to send paper invites, use recyclable paper and consider making them yourself instead of buying them.

You are now going to have to set the table and if you are having a lot of people over, you might not want to use reusable tableware and save yourself some time when the party is over. Don’t worry, there are a lot of eco-friendly disposable options you can choose from!

sugarcane-platesIf you want a classy table, my advice would be to go for compostable sugarcane plates and dishes. Stylish and 100% eco-friendly, they are also very functional as they are sturdy, grease resistant and microwaveable. You can also get matching sugarcane trays and sugarcane bowls depending on what you are going to serve!



If you are looking for a more natural and rustic look, bamboo plates are definitely your best bet. Natural and biodegradable, they will add a special touch to your table and come in various sizes and shapes. Also grease resistant, microwaveable and leak proof, your guests will love them.


As far as the food you are going to serve, keep in mind that going organic is the best eco-friendly option. Many stores offer organic food, wine and beer and as organic products become available in more and more places, prices go down. Choose to serve pitchers of water instead of plastic bottles.

And last but not least, when it comes to gifts try to shop online to save gas and avoid the crowds. If you really have to go to the mall, think about bringing reusable shopping bags and save the earth some trouble. Choose eco-friendly packaging and try not to use wrapping paper as it ends up being a huge waste by the end of the night.

Have a great eco-friendly Christmas and as the French would say, “Joyeux Noël”!

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Are Green Products Always More Expensive?

There is a preconceived idea that Green products, that are known to be a lot better for the environment, are always more expensive that their mainstream counterparts. Even though it is often true it is definitely not always the case but before giving you an example let’s get started with some explanations about why eco-friendly products tend to be more expensive that non-sustainable ones.

First of all, eco-friendly products are made of eco-friendly materials which are generally more expensive – because of the way they are produced and manufactured – and this cost is reflected in the price of the finished product.

Second of all, eco-friendly companies are using higher quality ingredients and raw materials and also often pay their employees more, which also reflects on the final price.

Now, it doesn’t mean that eco-friendly products are always more expensive! As they become more and more popular, they also become more and more affordable and some eco-friendly materials are already pretty cheap in the first place!

The best example would be products made of Sugarcane. Widely used and very economical, Sugarcane is also called Pulp or Bagasse and comes from the natural residue of the Sugarcane harvest. It is also a 100% compostable and biodegradable material and make a great sustainable material for disposable tableware.

sugarcane-platesSugarcane products are the perfect example when it comes to affordable green products! Whether we are talking about Sugarcane plates, Sugarcane cups or even Sugarcane mini dishes, they all are affordable Eco-friendly alternative to plastic tableware for instance.

And this is only one example showing that green products don’t have to be more expensive than other products that are not eco-friendly!


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Soup Takeout Options: Get Ready For Winter!

As I’m sure you have noticed, it is getting cold out there and as the winter is getting closer more and more people are going to be looking for delicious soups to take home to warm up.

If your business is making or selling soup, you might be looking for the best packaging option for takeout and as environmental awareness is increasing it definitely is a smart move for your company to go for a sustainable solution. You might think that disposable packaging and Eco-friendly packaging are not compatible and that’s where you are wrong! You can find plenty of disposable Eco-friendly solutions and here are a couple of examples that could give you great ideas.

The two best materials you can choose from are Sugarcane and Paper.

img12Let’s get started with Sugarcane bowls. Entirely compostable, Sugarcane is one of the most Eco-friendly and economical material you can find. Suitable for cold and hot liquid, Sugarcane Bowls are perfect for soup and make transportation easier when used with a lid. Because Sugarcane is freezer safe, it is also possible for your clients to take your soup home and freeze it to be able to drink it on an even colder day!


bucketsWhat about Paper containers? Whether you are looking for mini soup cups or bigger soup containers, you can find every size you want! From green to-go container to white to-go container, you can choose to be classic or original by staying stylish and elegant. You also get to choose between a see through lid or a vented paper lid that are both great for hot and cold food. Transporting soup has never been that easy and Eco-friendly as paper containers are 100% biodegradable!

Both solutions are great Eco-friendly options and only the looks and style will help you choose one or the other.

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Original Catering Events Ideas: Sugarcane Cocktail Plate with Glass Holder

Whether you are in the catering business or simply hosting a party or a reception, you are always looking for new ideas and inspirations so as to make a good impression on your guests. Being unique and original while extremely functional and elegant isn’t always an easy task and all new ideas are always welcome.

210APU2413-ambianceAnd if you are looking for a unique and sophisticated item for your events, search no further and take a look at our awesome Sugarcane Cocktail Plate! Great for serving hors d’oeuvre and drink in one, our cocktail plates with glass holder are absolutely perfect for any type of reception, buffet party or event.

Very unique, they will solve the problem of where to put a glass when holding a food plate that everyone encounters at parties. Convenient and clever, our plate have holes for the stem of a wine or champagne glass and make your guests’ life so much more convenient.


Although disposable, our plates are made of sugarcane, that is a material coming from the natural residue of the Sugarcane harvest, and are therefore 100% biodegradable and compostable which makes them the perfect eco-friendly disposable solution. Microwave safe and grease resistant, sugarcane plates are suitable for every occasion and they look so beautiful that you will almost be disappointed you have to throw them away after your event!

plastic-glassIdeal for appetizers, entrees or food bites commonly served at receptions, the sugarcane cocktail plate provides an incredibly aesthetic presentation and will definitely please and charm everyone around.

They can be used with either our Plastic Stemmed Champagne Glass or with our Plastic Stemmed Wine Glass.

Very elegant and 100% recyclable, our cocktail glasses are the perfect addition to these useful plates!

Don’t wait any longer to be original and give your guests the combination what they need and the have been waiting for!

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