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What Will We Be Eating in 2015? A Culinary Forecast of Food and Restaurant Trends



Ancient grains, smoked, pickled and fermented vegetables, insect foods, vegetable yogurt, hybrid liquors,  healthy kids’ meals with adventurous flavors, and face recognition software in restaurants. These are just a few of the culinary themes and food trends that professionals are predicting we will be seeing in 2015.

Every year the National Restaurant Association predicts food and menu trends in their annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast.  This year, Local Sourcing, Sustainability, and Nutrition are at the top of the trends for 2015 — yet another example of our food choices naturally following our lifestyle choices. The TOP 3 FOODS (of 20) on the list are locally-sourced meats and seafood (1), locally grown produce (2), and environmental sustainability (3).

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Doggie Bags: A Sign of Awareness Not Embarrassment

When is the last time you asked to take leftovers home from a restaurant? Today, more and more chefs and restaurateurs do not want to see good food go to waste, and encourage the idea of diners taking food home that they haven’t finished. But it wasn’t always this way, and to this day, many diners are still not comfortable with the practice.

doggiebagontable3According to the Smithsonian Institute’s blog Food & Think, the custom of using “doggie bags” started in the U.S. in the 1940’s during the Second World War, when pet owners were encouraged to feed table scraps rather than pet food to their dogs. And in 1943, San Francisco cafes started an initiative against animal cruelty by offering patrons “Pet Pakits” — cartons designed specifically to carry home leftovers for their pets. Around that same time, one Seattle restaurant provided diners with waxed paper bags labeled “Bones for Bowser.” Restaurants around the country started to follow suit, and by the mid 1950’s, doggie bags went into production. Before long, people were requesting doggie bags to take home food for themselves rather than their pets.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Christmas may be over – as well as the Holiday season – but as you may be aware, Valentine’s Day is once again just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you are going to do for your loved ones and your special someone.

Of course, there is the classic dozen roses’ bouquet and box of chocolates but wouldn’t it be great if the present was a tiny bit more original this year? It is always good to show your partner that your love isn’t generic and think a little outside of the box.

Of course, chocolate treats are always appreciated but why not get something that is a bit more sophisticated than regular chocolates? Yes, I am talking about French macarons! It will still be something your lover can eat and enjoy but is also a great to show that she/he isn’t generic.

Macarons are delicious French mini cookies sandwiches that are filled with ganache or buttercream. Very delicate, they are becoming more and more popular every day in America and all over the world.

Now especially on Valentine’s Day, presentation is everything and the box you will present your macarons in is just as important as the taste of the treats!

Luckily, your macaron packaging options are very diverse and you are sure to find the perfect beautiful and Eco-friendly gift box in no time!


From 3 macarons up to 52 macarons (for the gourmands), you can choose from square wooden boxes with red shiny interior and long pink paper boxes (very Valentine’s Day appropriate) to cylindrical wooden boxes with latch and wooden rectangular boxes with window lid. All of them look beautiful and used with the appropriate insert will protect your delicious treats!

And if you are trying to impress your partner, you can also try to bake your macarons yourself! What more romantic than red heart-shaped macarons for Valentine’s Day? If you like that idea, you can check out this blog article that gives you a great tutorial on how to make them from scratch: click here! 

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Eco-Friendly Cookie Packaging Solutions

It isn’t a surprise to anybody, everyone loves cookies! Regardless of the season, cookies are everywhere and make life so much better. Even though chocolate chip cookies are the most popular ones, you can find cookies in many flavors and many shapes and you can be sure that no matter what you like you can find the perfect cookie for you!

What is so great and popular about cookies?

Not only they can satisfy your sweet tooth whenever you need it but they are also the perfect gift for any occasion!


Are you going to a baby shower? Why not bring a cute little box filled with delicious cookies and a pretty window lid that allows great food visibility? This Kray box would be the perfect packaging solution! Are you looking for wedding or birthday gifts? Bringing cookies always makes the party better! And the best part is that offering cookies to your loved ones is always a great way to share some love, just because they are worth it.

Especially after the Holidays season, it is always nice to receive cookies from a close friend, a family member or even a nice co-worker.

Whether you are baking your own cookies – always exciting around the Holiday season – or buying them at your favorite bakery, you have to be aware that packaging is extremely important. Why? Because beautiful packaging makes everything so much more exciting!

If you are looking for a box that you can easily open and close, you will love these wonderful Kray boxes we talked about earlier. With their clear window lid that allows great food visibility, you can get them in many sizes depending on how big your cookies are or how many you want to fit in them.


If you are looking for a more original and rustic solution, take a look at these adorable wooden baking molds made from natural wood and cotton. They also make great Eco-friendly cookie packaging!

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Winter Mornings: Time For Cupcakes And Muffins

We can’t escape it anymore. Winter is almost here and it is getting colder every day! No matter how chilly it gets, everybody still have to get up and go to work, take the kids to school, or do whatever tasks they do all year long. What can start their day – and their loved ones’ – better than some delicious cupcake or some tasty muffins? Even though they are not excited to get out of their comfy and warm bed, knowing that some tasty pastries are waiting for them on the way is definitely a great motivation!

Now if you have a bakery, a pastry shop or just sell pastries on the side, you want to make those customers happy by offering them what they are looking for on those cold mornings. And in order to convince them that your cupcakes or muffins are the perfect answer to their morning quest, you have to bet on your packaging!

cupcake-boxesWhether they are looking to get a single pastry, a two-piece box or cupcakes for the whole family, you have to be prepared! Look at these pretty little cupcake boxes. Able to fit one to four muffins or cupcakes, they are sure to make your delicious creation look as good as they taste and to convince whoever set an eye on them that they are exactly what they were looking for!

With stylish and bright colors on the inside, they still look classy and elegant on the outside with their clear shinny stripes. Perfect to go option, they are great to take home for breakfast or to work and as the inserts are included you don’t have to worry about transportation: your pastries will still look great after their journey!

These beautiful cupcakes boxes are also made of paper and are 100% recyclable. Functional, beautiful and Eco-friendly, what else could you ask for?


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