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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Christmas may be over – as well as the Holiday season – but as you may be aware, Valentine’s Day is once again just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you are going to do for your loved ones and your special someone.

Of course, there is the classic dozen roses’ bouquet and box of chocolates but wouldn’t it be great if the present was a tiny bit more original this year? It is always good to show your partner that your love isn’t generic and think a little outside of the box.

Of course, chocolate treats are always appreciated but why not get something that is a bit more sophisticated than regular chocolates? Yes, I am talking about French macarons! It will still be something your lover can eat and enjoy but is also a great to show that she/he isn’t generic.

Macarons are delicious French mini cookies sandwiches that are filled with ganache or buttercream. Very delicate, they are becoming more and more popular every day in America and all over the world.

Now especially on Valentine’s Day, presentation is everything and the box you will present your macarons in is just as important as the taste of the treats!

Luckily, your macaron packaging options are very diverse and you are sure to find the perfect beautiful and Eco-friendly gift box in no time!


From 3 macarons up to 52 macarons (for the gourmands), you can choose from square wooden boxes with red shiny interior and long pink paper boxes (very Valentine’s Day appropriate) to cylindrical wooden boxes with latch and wooden rectangular boxes with window lid. All of them look beautiful and used with the appropriate insert will protect your delicious treats!

And if you are trying to impress your partner, you can also try to bake your macarons yourself! What more romantic than red heart-shaped macarons for Valentine’s Day? If you like that idea, you can check out this blog article that gives you a great tutorial on how to make them from scratch: click here! 

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Tea or Macaron Wooden Boxes

As the Holiday season is coming up, everyone is going to be looking for Christmas presents ideas and it’s an opportunity for businesses to reach new customers by developing new ideas that are trendy.

What is trendy nowadays when it comes to beverages? Tea.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the tea market is expending as the tea-drinking demographic is widening. In spite of America’s love for coffee, the tea drinking rate is growing faster than the coffee drinking rate and there are many explanation for that. While tea contains substances that have been associated with preventing heart diseases and cancer, we are still not sure whether or not the high caffeine content is a risk factor and the healthy benefits of drinking tea are a great boost to the American tea industry.

210BBOXATLASF-emptySo the tea industry is blooming. What better Christmas present that a pretty and reusable box filled with all kind of delicious tea bags good for you? This beautiful wooden box with window is the perfect gift box that can be kept and re-used even when what was stored inside is gone! It is then up to the lucky receiver to do whatever they want with the empty box that is great for transporting and serving food or store different items.



But tea isn’t the only thing you can offer in these beautiful boxes. Another trendy thing – especially around Christmas time – is macarons, and luckily inserts are available for this box that can fit up to 52 macarons. What a delicious Christmas gift idea! And have I mentioned that it is an Eco-friendly box? What else could you ask for!


Get the box and fill it up with anything you want to offer, imagination is your only limit! Great surprise, these boxes can also be used for baking when you take the lid off and are oven safe up to 420F. So many great features make these wonderful wooden boxes the perfect gift box.

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Macaroon Vs. Macaron: What Is The Difference?

Macaroons, Macarons… We see both spellings everywhere and it can get kind of confusing when it comes to knowing what exactly each spelling refers to. Are they synonyms or do they describe two different things? The answer is that macaroons and macarons are two completely different pastries that are just often mistaken for one another.

Why is that? Many people are using the French spelling of macaron to be able to make the difference between the two confections in the English language which has caused confusion over the correct spelling. To add to the confusion, macarons are often called French macaroons and in Italian, both cookies are called amaretti… How are we supposed to follow?

In order to make things clearer, let me explain both!



Macarons are meringue-based cookies made with almond flour, egg whites and powdered sugar that are filed with ganache or buttercream. Crunchy outside and soft inside, they are very delicate to bake and require technical finesse.



Macaroons however are much easier to bake! Egg whites, shredded coconut, and sugar, you only need 10 minutes to prepare. Often dipped in chocolate, coconut macaroons are deliciously crispy outside and chewy soft inside.


To sum up, macarons and macaroons are two very different (but equally delicious) treats that are bake in two very different ways. Macarons are very delicate and challenging to make which explain why packaging is so important – you don’t want to ruin these delicious little sandwiches when they are so hard to make!

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Now the last question is – and that’s a question only you can answer for yourself – do you prefer the crispy French macarons or the chewy coconut macaroons? It might be the hardest question…



Magnificent Macaroon Packaging

If a couple of years ago everyone was wondering if French macaroons would be the new cupcakes, it is not to prove anymore. Over the years, macaroons have been taking over famous bakeries, birthday parties and other receptions and even though cupcakes will always hold a special place in Americans’ heart, you can tell that making macaroons is a trend that keeps on trending.

ambiance-macaronsWhat’s so special about those mini French sandwiches cookies? First of all, just like cupcakes they come in many colors and are very eye catching. Their tiny size makes them really easy to eat and if you are suddenly craving one you can always go to a bakery and buy a single one instead of buying a whole box. Not to mention that when cupcakes are pretty easy to bake and anyone can get to it, macaroons are trickier to make and therefore more intriguing and very appealing to a lot of people.

With traditional flavor such as vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and pistachio, macaroons also come in many original flavors. The best example would be the bacon flavored macaroons because you know, in America everything comes in bacon flavor!

Macaroons are however very fragile – you know what I mean if you are in the macaroon business – which means it is very important to have an adapted packaging that will allow you to elegantly transport them or sell them while making sure they are safe. Having a non-adapted packaging means taking the risk to look unprofessional and it is definitely not a risk you are willing to take.

Macaroon packaging come into a variety of shapes, designs and materials and if you are willing to take a step towards sustainability you also have the option to go for Eco-friendly packaging which always very appreciated among your customers.


From Wooden boxes to paper boxes, macaroon boxes can be found in different shapes. Square boxes, rectangular boxes, cylindrical boxes, round boxes… Just name it! With fresh and bright colors or with a more natural look, you can find packaging to fit up to 52 macaroons.

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What is PET Plastic?

Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET is a recycled plastic made from fossil fuels like natural gas that is used to make bottles and other transparent products. PET continues to be recyclable, ensuring that the material is sustainable and leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment.

Used in synthetic fibers for products such as beverages, food and liquid containers, PET is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. Considered safe, it is one of the most commonly used plastic when it comes to food and drink packaging and despite its name it does not contain polyethylene.

Why is this plastic so popular? Well, not only it is made from recycled plastic and is recyclable but it also has an excellent level of wear resistance compared to other plastics. Very flexible, PET has a superior level of stability making it versatile and strong. It is one of the most important products for food storage because the plastic’s chemicals don’t leak into the fluid or food stored within it.


Recycled and recyclable, PET is a plastic that tends to be better for the environment than other plastics.

Now you may be wondering which one of our products are made of PET. Let me give you a couple of examples. Looking for a leak proof and grease proof mini dish to display dessert or appetizers? Our Black Mini Casserole Dish is the perfect idea! Also available in white, it is 100% recyclable.

cupsA lot of our Mini Cups are also made of PET such as the Clear Green Cubic Mini Cup , the Atma Round Clear Cup (see 360 video on YouTube here) or the Fani Transparent Green Cup. Great for food visibility, mini cups are perfect to display food in an elegant way and to add extra sparkle to your table.

Last but not least, all of our inserts for macaroons are also made of PET and are perfectly safe and functional to protect and transport your delicious treats.

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