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NYC Bans Foam Takeout Containers

On June 27th, we talked in our article New York Foam Ban Coming Soon about how NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been taking initiatives to try and make New York City more environmentally friendly by following California action and ban Styrofoam and foam food takeout containers.

Polystyrene foam – referred to as Styrofoam – is a cheap, light and strong material mostly used for takeout food containers. It is however extremely bad for the environment as it not recyclable, mostly ends up in landfills and lives for over 500 years. This is why about a hundred cities – including San Francisco, Seattle and Portland – have already banned foam food containers. In its last legislative session the New York Council also unanimously voted the ban of Styrofoam containers, making NYC the largest city in America to implement such a ban.

This ban is however a compromise for now and will only take effect next year. Why? Opponents of the ban, mostly container manufacturers, say that such a ban will hurt small business who rely on foam for its low cost and won’t be able to afford more Eco-friendly solutions. Dart Container Corporation, one of the largest makers of foam products, spent almost $1 million with the American Chemistry Council to try to block legislation and stop the ban. They managed to get a deadline – January 1rst, 2015 – to prove to the sanitation commissioner that foam can be collected and recycled in an economical way – something that has not been successfully done by any municipality so far. If they can’t prove it by this deadline, the law will take effect in July 2015.

More and more cities are taking the Eco-friendly direction when it comes to food containers and your city might be the next one to implement the ban. Chicago for instance is already also proposing a ban on the containers.


If your business uses foam products it is time to go ahead of the ban and move on to more Eco-friendly products. If you are nervous that your cost are going to increase dramatically, don’t worry. There are plenty of affordable Eco-friendly options that you can take a look at. Not only your customers will love your new Green image, but your image will also get better, allowing you to slightly increase your prices and cover the pricing difference.

One of the most economical Eco-friendly option you can go for is of course sugarcane.

Light, resistant and cheap, sugarcane product also have a very upscale image and are 100% compostable.

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Eco-Friendly Superbowl Party Tips

You know it, the Super Bowl is coming up. Everyone is talking about it and it is the perfect opportunity for you to host a great party and have your favorite people coming over for the day. If you are planning on hosting a party, here are a couple of tips about how to do it successfully.

football-3-585061-mFirst of all, forget the “football fans only” party. The Super Bowl is pretty much an excuse to get together, have a few drinks and enjoy each other, it is not only about football. Don’t forget about those friends who know nothing about football but will make the party more fun! Invite your family, your friends, and your colleagues… anyone you feel like hanging out with!

Once you are done with the invites, it is time for you to get your place ready and set everything up. Clean a little, set up several screens if you can – especially if you are having a lot of people over – set up your furniture and make sure everyone will be able to sit down and see the screens… You can also decorate your place with teams’ colors to set the mood. You are almost ready!

Besides the actual game, the most important thing is… YES, the food and the drinks! You don’t want a bunch of hungry football fans on a Super Bowl Sunday, so you have to make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – to please all of your guests. Wings, onion rings, nachos, sliders… Possibilities are endless and your only job is to make sure you serve everything in appropriate tableware. Because it is already a lot of work to have people over, you want to make it as easy as possible to clean everything up after the party. That is where disposable plates and dishes come in handy.


But before going for disposables, you have to think about the environment and make sure you pick Eco-friendly ones. Biodegradable, compostable or at least recyclable, you thankfully have plenty of great options to make your life easier while still respecting the environment. Go for sugarcane plates, palm leaf dishes or bamboo cutlery and stay green even when enjoying football.

One last thing, think about recycling and set up different trash cans to incite your guests to be careful and mindful about it. It’ll also make the cleanup easier when the party is over!

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Eco-Friendly Christmas: Host A Green Dinner Party

I don’t know if it is something you are aware of but every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas Americans throw away a million additional tons of garbage. A million! It is huge and unbelievable and yet true.



Christmas is coming and now that you know that you might want to try to be responsible and as green as possible. Luckily, there are easy ways to go green at Christmas while saving time and money – most of the time.

First of all, most of you get a Christmas tree and who can blame you, it definitely bring the Christmas spirit in your home! Be smart about the kind of tree you get. Most reusable fake trees are not recyclable and very bad for the environment so use a real tree and pay attention to where it is coming from and how it has been grown. When it comes to your house and tree decorations, use natural products as much as possible! You can use flowers, or even make tree decorations with dry fruits.


What about the lights? Choose to use LED lights whenever possible. Not only are they more efficient but they also don’t need as much power which will be great for your power bill by the end of the month! Also don’t forget to turn your tree lights off when the room is empty – what’s the point?

Now what about your Christmas party? You are more than likely going to have some people over or host a Christmas gathering and being green is a very important thing.

First of all, try not to send paper invites. At this time where social media is so popular, is a lot cheaper and eco-friendly to send e-invites via emails, Facebook or even cellphones. If you really have to send paper invites, use recyclable paper and consider making them yourself instead of buying them.

You are now going to have to set the table and if you are having a lot of people over, you might not want to use reusable tableware and save yourself some time when the party is over. Don’t worry, there are a lot of eco-friendly disposable options you can choose from!

sugarcane-platesIf you want a classy table, my advice would be to go for compostable sugarcane plates and dishes. Stylish and 100% eco-friendly, they are also very functional as they are sturdy, grease resistant and microwaveable. You can also get matching sugarcane trays and sugarcane bowls depending on what you are going to serve!



If you are looking for a more natural and rustic look, bamboo plates are definitely your best bet. Natural and biodegradable, they will add a special touch to your table and come in various sizes and shapes. Also grease resistant, microwaveable and leak proof, your guests will love them.


As far as the food you are going to serve, keep in mind that going organic is the best eco-friendly option. Many stores offer organic food, wine and beer and as organic products become available in more and more places, prices go down. Choose to serve pitchers of water instead of plastic bottles.

And last but not least, when it comes to gifts try to shop online to save gas and avoid the crowds. If you really have to go to the mall, think about bringing reusable shopping bags and save the earth some trouble. Choose eco-friendly packaging and try not to use wrapping paper as it ends up being a huge waste by the end of the night.

Have a great eco-friendly Christmas and as the French would say, “Joyeux Noël”!

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What Are Eco-Friendly Materials For Tableware


When it comes to disposable tableware, you can find many materials to choose from and it can be hard to distinguish Eco-friendly materials from the others. It actually isn’t that hard to figure out if you have the right information. Compostable, biodegradable and recyclable are features you should be looking for and here is a list of different Eco-friendly materials used to make disposable tableware.


  • Sugarcane: Also called pulp or bagasse, sugarcane – that used to be considered useless and destroyed – comes from the natural residue of the sugarcane harvest which makes it 100% biodegradable and compostable.
  • Bamboo: Fastest growing plant on the planet, bamboo grows up to 24 inches daily with very little water and no chemicals. 100% biodegradable, bamboo is one of the most popular materials used for disposable tableware and utensils.
  • Palm Leaf: Without cutting down a single tree, palm tree sheaths can be collected, cleaned and manufactured to make great disposable tableware that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.
  • Wood: Very natural product – recyclable and biodegradablewood is always a good Eco-friendly choice when it comes to tableware.
  • Cardboard & Paper: Natural and recyclable, paper products are an affordable approach to disposable tableware and definitely are a green alternative to plastic.
  • Cornstarch: Once it is converted to a thermoplastic polyester known as PLA, cornstarch is entirely compostable – thus very Eco-friendly – and is just as strong as regular plastic. Very versatile material, PLA can however not withstand high temperatures.

You now have basic knowledge on the most commonly used materials to make Eco-friendly disposable tableware and utensils. Depending on what you are looking for or what your needs are you can pick one of them and make sure your still respect the earth and environment!

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Mini Cups Holders: Great Way To Serve Appetizers

No matter what kind of catering event you are organizing, the use of mini cups – whether it is for desserts, parfaits, appetizers or even tapas – is a must! Not only they are great to serve many different kind of food, but they are also very easy to eat and guests love them. Classy and elegant when they are black or white, original and great for food visibility when they are transparent, the many options available will make you and everybody around happy and excited about tasting all of them. My personal favorite is the transparent green mini cup! A bit more original than a simple clear mini cup thanks to its green color but still very classic and modern its outstanding clarity help food identification and make all appetizers look amazingly delicious. All of these mini cups – regarding the color – are great as they are freezer safe, obviously leak proof and most importantly 100% recyclable. Yes, it is important to be Eco-friendly, especially nowadays. mini-cups Now you might be thinking, all these mini cups are great but isn’t it going to be complicated to transport? The answer is no and here are 3 reasons why they are very convenient to transport everywhere and anywhere:


  1. First of all, most of them can be used with a lid. You don’t have to worry about your delicious appetizers to overflow anymore! The lid will secure everything and make it safe for you to transport your mini cups.
  2. The second great new is that you can also get mini cup holders and be able to serve plenty of those mini cups at the same time in an elegant and secure way! Great to transport from 4 mini cups up to 24 mini cups, the mini-holder tray is a worry-free way to transport all delicate creations from the kitchen to wherever you event is. Combine with the lids, there is no way anything can go wrong.
  3. Last but not least, you can also get a perfect-fit box with window cover for the mini-cup holders and transport them in a beautiful and practical way. Unique take-out solution, you can’t be disappointed!

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