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Takeout Lunch Boxes – What To Choose

When it comes to lunch boxes, you always have plenty of options and it is not always easy to pick yours. Here is something to help you out a little. First of all, ditch the plastic or foam clamshells. Not only foam containers are about to be banned anyway (read more about this here), but plastic containers are not Eco-friendly and are terrible for the environment. When you choose your takeout solutions – the ones you want to offer your customers – make sure you go for Eco-friendly ones.

Are you looking for an easy way to pack your food to go, something that could help you transport different meals all together and keep your food safe? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at those pretty, yet functional, takeout round containers. Microwavable, grease resistant and even stackable, they are perfect to transport any type of food home or even to work. Soup, salad, past… Just name it!
The best part is that as they are stackable, you can prepare lunch combinations, put them in one of these amazing takeout lunch boxes and carry them all together. Big enough to fit a box for your appetizer, a box for your entree and even a box for your dessert, this takeout lunch box is the perfect to-go solution and guess what, it is Eco-friendly! 100% recyclable, containers and lunch boxes make a great couple and you just can’t be disappointed in them.

kray-blogIf you are looking for square takeout boxes instead of the round buckets, the takeout lunch box can also fit those beautiful Kray boxes. Brown or white and available in many different sizes, they make it really easy to offer very personalized solutions to all of your customers!

Think out of the box and start preparing delicious combination to be taken-out, you will make your customers very happy.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Tea or Macaron Wooden Boxes

As the Holiday season is coming up, everyone is going to be looking for Christmas presents ideas and it’s an opportunity for businesses to reach new customers by developing new ideas that are trendy.

What is trendy nowadays when it comes to beverages? Tea.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the tea market is expending as the tea-drinking demographic is widening. In spite of America’s love for coffee, the tea drinking rate is growing faster than the coffee drinking rate and there are many explanation for that. While tea contains substances that have been associated with preventing heart diseases and cancer, we are still not sure whether or not the high caffeine content is a risk factor and the healthy benefits of drinking tea are a great boost to the American tea industry.

210BBOXATLASF-emptySo the tea industry is blooming. What better Christmas present that a pretty and reusable box filled with all kind of delicious tea bags good for you? This beautiful wooden box with window is the perfect gift box that can be kept and re-used even when what was stored inside is gone! It is then up to the lucky receiver to do whatever they want with the empty box that is great for transporting and serving food or store different items.



But tea isn’t the only thing you can offer in these beautiful boxes. Another trendy thing – especially around Christmas time – is macarons, and luckily inserts are available for this box that can fit up to 52 macarons. What a delicious Christmas gift idea! And have I mentioned that it is an Eco-friendly box? What else could you ask for!


Get the box and fill it up with anything you want to offer, imagination is your only limit! Great surprise, these boxes can also be used for baking when you take the lid off and are oven safe up to 420F. So many great features make these wonderful wooden boxes the perfect gift box.

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