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Packnwood’s New Mini Collections Offer Inventive Ways to Serve Small Bites

“Chicken, fish or beef?”

When is the last time you were asked this question at a wedding or catered affair? Today, events featuring strolling chef stations, main course meals made up of multiple small plates and trendy bite-size portions, and interactive food stations have become much more interesting than the traditional sit-down main course meal.


Photo Credit: Steve Steinhardt on Inspired By This via Loverly

The mini-food catering trend began years ago and is still going strong according to caterers and event planners. People get more excited by the idea of offering their guests small tastings of all of their favorite foods rather than having to choose one main course. With a “main course” meal  being made up of 5 or 6 different plates, chefs today have more opportunity to create interesting and out-of-the-ordinary menus rather than focusing on making sure guests leave with a full belly.

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What Will We Be Eating in 2015? A Culinary Forecast of Food and Restaurant Trends



Ancient grains, smoked, pickled and fermented vegetables, insect foods, vegetable yogurt, hybrid liquors,  healthy kids’ meals with adventurous flavors, and face recognition software in restaurants. These are just a few of the culinary themes and food trends that professionals are predicting we will be seeing in 2015.

Every year the National Restaurant Association predicts food and menu trends in their annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast.  This year, Local Sourcing, Sustainability, and Nutrition are at the top of the trends for 2015 — yet another example of our food choices naturally following our lifestyle choices. The TOP 3 FOODS (of 20) on the list are locally-sourced meats and seafood (1), locally grown produce (2), and environmental sustainability (3).

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Planning an Event? It’s Time to Go Green


Having a green event is something that anyone can do — all it takes is a little bit of research and some planning. There are lots of “green party guidelines” available online, or you can always choose to hire a green caterer or environmentally committed party planner to help out. Because events tend to consume so many resources and generate quite a lot of waste, “greening” your next event is a great way to lessen the carbon footprint of your next big (or small) bash.

What IS a green event? It’s an event that is organized with the goal of minimizing waste and promoting sustainable actions.  It’s not just about recycling though — it’s about reducing the amount of resources used, encouraging the reuse of resources, and making sure that materials are properly disposed through recycling or composting as much as possible.

Most of the “standard” ways of planning an event usually do have environmentally preferable alternatives. Some examples might include sending paperless invitations, buying seasonal locally grown food and flowers, using natural or reusable decor, minimizing printed materials, and buying event supplies and tableware that are environmentally friendly.

Here’s something to think about: according to the Green Restaurant Association more than 113 BILLION disposable cups, 29 BILLION disposable plates and 39 BILLION disposable utensils are used in the U.S. each year. Wow.

Using compostable tableware and serving utensils are one of the easiest solutions to going green at your next event. Choices go from simple everyday designs to more stylish options for higher end occasions.

At PacknWood, our extensive range of party and catering supplies make planning your green event much easier. Our catering trays have recycled plastic lids that easily transform the trays into take-out boxes for party leftovers, and our Stylish Sugarcane collection is biodegradable and can be thrown right into the compost heap. And our cornstarch-based disposable utensils are designed to decompose soon after use in a compost bin.

squaresugarcaneround tray

Here’s another tip: if you choose compostable-ware,  it’s especially important to let people know WHAT IS WHAT, and WHERE TO PUT IT. People are used to throwing items that look like plastic (such as utensils) into recycling bins but compostables cannot be re-processed with regular plastic– they must go in the compost bin. Clearly label the recycling, composting and trash bins to let people know exactly where everything goes.


We would love to see pics of your next green event!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Receptions

When couples are getting married, they have to think about the kind of ceremony they want to have to celebrate what should be the happiest day of their lives. More and more couples decide to have an Eco-friendly wedding and it is a great think!

If you are a caterer or an event planner, you are more and more likely going to be asked to organize a “green” reception and you need to be prepared for that. Sending Eco-friendly invites, choosing Eco-friendly venues, dresses or rings, getting the guests green favors and going on a green honeymoon will be on the couple’s to-do list, but organizing the green reception and dinner will be on yours and here are a couple of ideas for you to do so in a fancy and original way.

  • When it comes to food and drinks, use local vendors and go organic! Having an organic menu doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your clients’ budget but it definitely means making them happy. Use locally grown food and organic products and make sure that you let your clients (and their guests) know about it!
  • If you use disposable items for the reception, make sure they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The best example is of course when it comes to appetizers… You will need skewers! It is easy to have a classy and romantic presentation while staying Eco-friendly. Take a look at these skewers: From classic elegant skewers with white pearls to colorful flower skewers through romantic heart shaped skewers, you can find the perfect wedding skewers and be sure they are 100% Eco-friendly as they are made of bamboo. When it comes to sign clips, not only they are a great way to indicates your clients’ guests where they will sit but it is also a great Eco-friendly favor idea if they let their guests know that they can take them with them.



  • Still regarding appetizers, you may be looking for an original dish to serve them. Why not choose these beautiful wooden boats or bamboo boats? You can be sure that most of the guests have never seen that and they will all love it. Biodegradable and Eco-friendly, they are a great disposable option for weddings!

Make sure you recycle, compost and dispose everything in the smartest way possible and you can be sure that your clients will be satisfied clients!

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Host A Eco-Friendly Mardi Gras Party

As you are all aware, the Holiday season is gone, we are all back to work and trying to deal with this cold weather… Does it mean that it is not time for partying anymore? Absolutely not! March is approaching which means the carnival season is almost there. The carnival season extends from the feast of Epiphany – that takes place on January 6th – until Mardi Gras that falls on Tuesday, March 4th in 2014. Literally “Fat Tuesday” in French, Mardi Gras is a day for music, parades, costumes and fun that takes place the day before Ash Wednesday.

The best and most well-known Mardi Gras party is of course in New Orleans but if you can’t make it this year, you can still host your own Mardi Gras party and have an amazing time by gathering some friends and re-creating the carnival spirit.

shrimp-skewerThe first thing you have to worry about when hosting a Mardi Gras party is of course the food! The best option is to go for many mini appetizers and mini dishes. Not only you can thus satisfy everyone by serving different things, but it is also easier to keep track on. Whenever you feel like the table is too empty you just have to bring more appetizers! Gumbo and boiled shrimps are a classic Mardi Gras food. Serve them on skewers for a nice presentation and don’t forget to also serve other kebabs for those who are not too fond of shrimps. Go for mini appetizers in mini dishes such as verrines to be served with it in order to keep a classy and upscale image throughout the night! Don’t forget to display different type of sauces to make sure everyone can find one they like.

But the most important part of a Mardi Gras party is of course the King Cake. Tradition coming from France, the King Cake maker hides a tiny one inch token inside of it and the finder of the little treasure gets good favors from the other guests, good luck for the coming year and sometime gets designated to host next year’s Mardi Gras party.

Mardi GrasAfter you have decided what food you are going to serve and how to display it, don’t forget to think about decorations! Mardi Gras is all about fun and entertainment. Decorate your house with the traditional colors! Purple (for justice), green (for faith) and gold (for power) are the three main colors of this amazing party. Get plenty of brightly colored beads and hand them to your guests to set the mood, but don’t forget not to throw them away after the party: you want to be able to use them year after year instead of wasting them!

And when it comes to entertainment, it is of course all about having fun, enjoying music, wearing costume and mask and getting creative with some face painting activities! Encourage your guests to follow the Mardi Gras spirit and “let the good times rolls!”

Check out Eco-friendly products you can use to serve your amazing food at www.packnwood.com et make sure your party is a great success!