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Eco-Friendly Wedding Receptions

When couples are getting married, they have to think about the kind of ceremony they want to have to celebrate what should be the happiest day of their lives. More and more couples decide to have an Eco-friendly wedding and it is a great think!

If you are a caterer or an event planner, you are more and more likely going to be asked to organize a “green” reception and you need to be prepared for that. Sending Eco-friendly invites, choosing Eco-friendly venues, dresses or rings, getting the guests green favors and going on a green honeymoon will be on the couple’s to-do list, but organizing the green reception and dinner will be on yours and here are a couple of ideas for you to do so in a fancy and original way.

  • When it comes to food and drinks, use local vendors and go organic! Having an organic menu doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your clients’ budget but it definitely means making them happy. Use locally grown food and organic products and make sure that you let your clients (and their guests) know about it!
  • If you use disposable items for the reception, make sure they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The best example is of course when it comes to appetizers… You will need skewers! It is easy to have a classy and romantic presentation while staying Eco-friendly. Take a look at these skewers: From classic elegant skewers with white pearls to colorful flower skewers through romantic heart shaped skewers, you can find the perfect wedding skewers and be sure they are 100% Eco-friendly as they are made of bamboo. When it comes to sign clips, not only they are a great way to indicates your clients’ guests where they will sit but it is also a great Eco-friendly favor idea if they let their guests know that they can take them with them.



  • Still regarding appetizers, you may be looking for an original dish to serve them. Why not choose these beautiful wooden boats or bamboo boats? You can be sure that most of the guests have never seen that and they will all love it. Biodegradable and Eco-friendly, they are a great disposable option for weddings!

Make sure you recycle, compost and dispose everything in the smartest way possible and you can be sure that your clients will be satisfied clients!

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Original Ideas For Halloween Parties

Halloween is coming up! halloweenNo matter where you go or where you shop, you can see Halloween goodies popping up everywhere and the orange & black colors are already almost overwhelming. Don’t lie, you love it just as much as we all do! Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America and definitely one of the most celebrated one and when it comes to candies, choices are endless. If you are organizing a Halloween themed catering event or buffet, have you thought about original ideas to display your candies?

Halloween parties are all about decorations and atmosphere and what is on your tables is definitely a part of it. boat-halloweenHow about using Bamboo Boats or Wooden Boats to serve your Halloween sweets? Not only their natural and rustic look perfectly match the spirit of Halloween, especially if you are having an outdoor celebration, but they are also very decorative and you can get them in many sizes. And since they are grease resistant you don’t have to worry about your candies making a mess while they wait for your guests to eat them!

Are you also planning on serving food bites, appetizers or desserts? Stick with your Halloween theme by using only black dishes and black utensils! How more Halloween can you get? Plus if you know where to look it can be 100% Eco-friendly! Bamboo mini dishes are great to display any kind of food and if you are very dedicated to your Halloween theme and are serving orange food items, black mini dishes will make your food pop out and look even more spooky and delicious!



Black mini dishes, black skewers, black skewer holders, black utensils… No matter what you want to serve, you can find options to make it match your Halloween decoration!

Good luck with your party and most importantly, have fun and be safe!


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Creative Ideas For Serving Food

As you already know, being original and different from competitors can make the difference. We are aware of that and that is why we keep on offering you many options to add a special touch to your concept.

210BBOIS-ambianceLooking for appetizer service dishes? Go Eco-friendly and try out the great biodegradable appetizers boats that come in two different materials, bamboo and pine wood.

The bamboo leaf is slightly more exotic in presentation, allowing the plating to stand out, while the pine has a sleeker, more modern look that emphasizes the food itself.

Both of these disposable and decorative boat-shaped dishes materials are naturally grease resistant and work with both cold and hot food which makes these single-serving leaf baskets multi-purpose. As they come in many different sizes, they can either be used to serve condiments and garnish at your catering event or simply be used as a food display and serving dish.

With their elegant and functional design, the Bamboo boats and wooden boats definitely make an impression on guests and clients and you can be sure that you are going to be asked about them! 100% biodegradable, they are a great and economical Eco-friendly disposable solution.

209BBPANR-ambianceAnd if you feel like adding even more originality to these beautiful appetizers dishes, we also got you covered. Always a big success at any type of event, the adorable bamboo mini clothespins can be displayed on the table, used to hold little signs on your boat-shaped dishes or just used as decorative items on those same boats! They are also 100% biodegradable so don’t be shy and use your imagination to come up with creative ways to use them!

There are many ways to be original and the choice of the right materials and tableware is definitely the easiest and better way to do so.

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