Beat the Summer Heat | Chilled Corn Soup

1We know that only a few weeks ago we spoke about our excitement regarding the start of spring. But let’s be honest, we will probably enjoy the warm weather for a week or so before we start to complain about the impending heat. Us humans are very difficult to please.

Sooner or later, you will probably find yourself at at least one outdoor even during the dog days of summer where your only concern is how to keep yourself hydrated. The line at the bar is too long to refresh yourself, so you head over to the food section. A cold soup catches your eye and you’re relieved to finally get some respite and regeneration. That is, until you take a sip and realize that it’s not chill at all, but lukewarm and unappetizing. You do your best not to spit it out and inconspicuously place the cup down and walk away. You slowly slump back over to the bar line, where you hold your head down in defeat.

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Food as Art | Asparagus Arancini with Basil Hazelnut Pesto

IMG_1571These days, part of the fun of eating something is photographing it so you can show it off later to your friends and Instagram followers. I have spent hours looking through my own social media feeds, getting hungrier as the minutes fly by because I am mainly concerned with the culinary affairs of the world. Some of my favorites include: Food52, Bon Appetit, Joy the Baker and The Kitchn.

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How To Make and Serve Bruschetta

We can all let out a collective sigh of relief now that winter is behind us, and welcome springIMG_1501
with open arms. With the change of seasons comes warmer weather, longer evenings and the ability to host dinners, gatherings and parties just for the heck of it.

Spring time also signifies a change in food choices. The majority of the population is no longer hibernating while trying to generate body heat the best they can. Bright flavors and colors start to reappear on menus and we start to have fun with our food again.

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Packnwood’s New Mini Collections Offer Inventive Ways to Serve Small Bites

“Chicken, fish or beef?”

When is the last time you were asked this question at a wedding or catered affair? Today, events featuring strolling chef stations, main course meals made up of multiple small plates and trendy bite-size portions, and interactive food stations have become much more interesting than the traditional sit-down main course meal.


Photo Credit: Steve Steinhardt on Inspired By This via Loverly

The mini-food catering trend began years ago and is still going strong according to caterers and event planners. People get more excited by the idea of offering their guests small tastings of all of their favorite foods rather than having to choose one main course. With a “main course” meal  being made up of 5 or 6 different plates, chefs today have more opportunity to create interesting and out-of-the-ordinary menus rather than focusing on making sure guests leave with a full belly.

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What Will We Be Eating in 2015? A Culinary Forecast of Food and Restaurant Trends



Ancient grains, smoked, pickled and fermented vegetables, insect foods, vegetable yogurt, hybrid liquors,  healthy kids’ meals with adventurous flavors, and face recognition software in restaurants. These are just a few of the culinary themes and food trends that professionals are predicting we will be seeing in 2015.

Every year the National Restaurant Association predicts food and menu trends in their annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast.  This year, Local Sourcing, Sustainability, and Nutrition are at the top of the trends for 2015 — yet another example of our food choices naturally following our lifestyle choices. The TOP 3 FOODS (of 20) on the list are locally-sourced meats and seafood (1), locally grown produce (2), and environmental sustainability (3).

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