Original Way To Serve Appetizers: Bamboo Pick Holders

As Thanksgiving is coming up, many people are going to have people over to share food and good times with family and friends.

Whether they are planning on having a buffet or simply serve drinks before the main meal, they will be looking for original and convenient ways to display appetizers as they enjoy the company of their loved ones.

210SAMBRO120-ambianceThis is where the beautiful Pick Displays appear in the scene!

What exactly are these pick display I’m talking about? Made of Bamboo, pick holders help you to serve food on skewers in a fancy and easy way. Prepare your appetizers in advance with some beautiful and original skewers and the skewer holder will allow you to serve many of them at the same time!

Feel like having food everywhere on the table? Choose small pick holders that hold 2 or 4 picks and display them all over the place. If you would rather have a large amount of skewers served at the same time, you can also go for bigger pick displays that can hold up to 120 picks!

209BBAHAYAThese unique skewer holders enable beautiful hors d’oeuvres presentation and make cubes of cheese, fresh fruit or small hot finger foods look more refined and delicious than ever. Not only they are 100% natural as they are made of bamboo, but they are also sturdy and reusable and turn your event into an original and fun one! Available in many sizes and shapes, the pick holders are a great way to make sure events are a hit.

The best part is that they fit most skewers which gives you the opportunity to go crazy and get as many original skewers as you please while adding a unique and elegant touch to your party.


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