Original Halloween Candy Display And Football Games Appetizers

With the football season beginning and Halloween coming up, you might be looking for some original ideas to serve food during the games and display your Halloween treats. Yes, they are two completely different things although the same idea can be used! Getting curious? Here we are.

conesBamboo cones and wooden cones are ideal for finger food if you get the small size or any type of appetizer as the size gets up. What does it have to do with football games? Just serve fries, popcorn, veggies, tapas and more in those awesome cones and you can be sure they’ll be a hit. Easy to hold, they can also be display on cones holders if your hands are needed to clap or move around as the score changes! And as bamboo and pine wood are biodegradable material, they make a great Eco-friendly alternative to cardboard popcorn boxes for instance.

cone-holders-blogWhat about Halloween? To be honest, everybody loves Halloween but when it comes to trick-or-treat the standard plastic pumpkin are kind of boring and not original whatsoever. If you are looking for a more interesting and fancy way to display and distribute your candies, the bamboo cones and wooden cones are the perfect option! Have them ready, filled with candies and waiting in one of the many cone display available and just hand them to your spooky visitors! How more awesome can Halloween get?

Those uses are definitely not the only ones you can think about – your imagination is the only limit so go for it! It is a fun and new way to serve appetizers and there is no doubt that they will be a hit at any event.

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