Mini Dishes For Your Christmas Cocktail Party

Christmas and the Holidays are quickly approaching and even though we already talk about How To Host A Green Dinner Party, we haven’t really talked about Cocktail Parties. We all know that it is a time of the year where you are going to have last minute get together and it will more than likely not be big dinner parties, just casual cocktail events with a bunch of appetizers to keep you entertained while you share drinks and good moments with your friends or family.

cup-holderThis is how you should organize things: each one of your guests will have different tastes and if you want to delight everyone, your best bet is to have many different appetizers on the table. Soup shooters, mini cocktails, food bites of all kinds and even sushi, your options are unlimited and you just have to find the perfect mini dishes to display your delicious and various food creations.

Using mini cup holders is also a very smart idea as it will help you to transport and serve throughout the event. And the best part is that they can fit many different mini cups shapes and sizes. From classic round clear cups to flower shaped transparent cup through square black cups, you can find anything you’d like to serve verrines, parfait or desserts!
When it comes to appetizers, you can decide to give your food great visibility by choosing clear mini dishes such as the beautiful diamond shaped mini dish or the amazing waved dish with its condiment compartment – all recyclable- , or you can choose an even more Eco-friendly solution with the Palm and Sugarcane mini’s that are perfect for appetizers, tapas and also desserts.

No matter what you are serving, there is a suitable mini dish for you! Check out all your different Eco-friendly options at and make your Christmas cocktail party unforgettable.

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