How To Display Sushi

Very popular in America, Sushi can be eaten as an appetizer or as a main course and depending on what you are serving it as, presentation and display will be different and appropriate. Here are a couple of ideas on how to display sushi whether it is at a restaurant, a catering event or else.

Let’s get started with sushi as appetizers!

Especially at catering events and receptions, food bites are very popular and so are sushi. Serve your sushi individually for a design and elegant presentation and in order to make it easier for your guest to walk around and enjoy a conversation while eating your delicious food items.

209BBCHENG-packnwoodBecause you have so many possibilities, you can easily have your sushi mini dishes match your theme and your tableware. From bamboo mini dishes that give your guests a personalized feeling at any type of event to transparent green dishes that add an extra sparkle to your table, you have plenty of options to make your tables look incredible.

When it comes to sushi as entrees, you will need bigger plates or trays to fit many sushi. Take a look at this transparent green dish collection! Served on trays or plates, the transparent green makes your sushi look even more delicious.

sushi-condimentsDon’t forget to serve soy sauce, wasabi and gari every time you serve sushi and make sure it matches the rest of your dishes! And when it comes to cutlery, don’t forget to provide chopsticks in order to keep the Japanese style and spirit. And for your guests who struggle with the use of traditional chopsticks, think about other options such as easy chopsticks or beginner chopsticks.

chopsticksJust keep one thing in mind when choosing your tableware: sushi are very popular, but presentation is definitely a plus to make you’re your customers have the best experience. Be original!

And keep in mind that being eco-friendly is always very good for your image.

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