Find an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic: Cardboard & Paper

Cardboard is a very well know and commonly used material for many items, but did you know why it makes such a great disposable tableware material? The answer is extremely simple. Natural and recyclable, our Cardboard and Paper products are an affordable Green alternative to plastic. There is no need to spend a lot of money to go greener!


We all know that paper cups are popular, but paper or cardboard is also perfect for take-out boxes and many other items. Let’s go through a couple of our products that are made of cardboard or paper.

As far as to-go solutions, take a look at our Kray Collection. With their window made of recyclable plastic, Kray Boxes display delicious products for all the world to see. Perfect for almost any item, from sandwiches to cakes, these Kraft boxes elegantly frame their contents, allowing the delicious food to entice customers with an unobstructed view. Kray boxes are so elegant that they can even be used as a gift box!

209CPSL1M-golden-brown-muffin-baking-paper-eco-packnwoodSuitable for individuals as well as chefs & caterers, our silicone Tulip and Lotus baking cups made of paper are a must as part of your baking supplies. Ideal for professionals as for the new to the field, budding chefs, try them and you will never want to bake without it. Our baking cups are also made of certified kosher paper.

What other items are made of cardboard? Our elegant and functional Chinese black take out boxes are grease resistant and microwavable and holds the heat for 25 minutes! It is a great to go solution for your food items and once again, they are 100% recyclable.

210CHP21EMB-2-nowatermarkA fun disposable paper tableware solution are our colorful paper drinking straws. With their bright design, our straws are unique and add a fun and original touch to your events! Made of paper with Bee’s wax coating they are 100% compostable and do not become brittle in drinks. Who said paper wasn’t a very Eco-friendly material! (See this product on YouTube here!)


Check out many other paper and cardboard items and take a look at the different Eco-friendly materials we also use at

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